Pharmaceutical marketing is as much part of medicine as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and MRIs.

“The physician hears a consistent message simultaneously from several sources (drug reps, journal ads, patients coming in reporting TV ads) … It’s human nature to imagine that what you hear from one place might be false, but what you hear over and over from numerous sources must be true.” Howard Brody, MD, medical ethicist

The industry side
Prescribers and patients rely on a variety of sources to help them weigh the benefits and harms of medications. Much of this information is created, funded or sponsored by drug marketers. While the information is accurate, it is skewed toward a certain point of view. The result: a evidence gap that leads to overuse, underuse and misuse of prescription medicines and a growing number of people defined as being sick and in need of treatment

The evidence side
RxBalance pairs medical experts, advertising professionals and medical writers to tell the side of the story people rarely hear. We work with you to create stories based on rigorous evidence evaluation, best practices and guidelines supported by medical school faculty without conflicts of interest.