An educational initiative developed in partnership with researchers and medical school faculty, RxAdChecker is designed to improve healthcare media literacy and promote transparency in drug advertising. We seek supporters, participants and funders interested in collaborating on an educational initiative with our academic partners from Dartmouth, Stanford, UCSF and UC Davis Schools of Medicine.

RxAdChecker will inform the public on how to critically appraise drug advertising
and help prescribers understand why advertisements can be misleading, though seeming to be accurate.

  • Fact check prescription drug promotion
  • Raise awareness of distortion & bias in marketing
  • Increase demand for more meaningful drug information

RxAdChecker Checklist

Adrienne Faerber, PhD, a lecturer at Dartmouth Institute, developed our checklist which will fact check the veracity of primary marketing claims in broadcast and digital ads.

RxAdChecker Digital Learning Platform
Our interactive digital portal will provide drug cost information as well as reviews of pharmaceutical promotion with expert commentary on drug ad claims. Our digital platform will feature easy-to-understand and informative curriculum content that helps providers and consumers critically appraise drug marketing by teaching key statistical and medical advertising principles.

RxAdChecker Credentialing System
We must set new standards for pharmaceutical advertisers, encouraging marketers to create content more closely aligned with the informational needs of consumers and prescribers. Our faculty partners are available to review drug ads, providing a “seal of approval” for ads meeting certain standards.