The Evidence StoryRecommendations From Unbiased Experts

“The physician hears a consistent message simultaneously from several sources (drug reps, journal ads, patients coming in reporting TV ads) … It’s human nature to imagine that what you hear from one place might be false, but what you hear over and over from numerous sources must be true.” Howard Brody, MD, medical ethicist

Most physicians do not have time to research and review all of the literature published on a particular drug, disease or diagnostic test. Instead providers, patients and consumers rely on a multitude of information sources to help them weigh the relative benefits and risks of medications. RxBalance seeks to partner with unbiased medical experts who want to tell their side of the evidence story.

The industry side
Providers and consumers are bombarded with information about brand-name drugs, medical tests and diseases. These messages are repeated in many forms – TV advertising,  direct-to-physician promotion and even sponsored-CME and medical publishing. The result: overuse, underuse and misuse of prescription medicines and a growing number of people defined as being sick and in need of treatment.

Your side
Consumers, caregivers and patients must be able to converse intelligently with providers about their medical condition, and the up-and-downside of various treatments, to make good healthcare decisions. We work together as partners, taking your evidence and recommendations and putting it into ad-style formats that impact people on both rational and emotional levels. We also show you to how harmonize provider and patient messages and to create content that is accessible to people of various literacy levels. The result: minimize use of low-value treatments, improve clinical outcomes and manage costs.

Story telling from expert teams
The RxBalance approach pairs medical experts, advertising professionals and medical writers to create stories that promote optimal medication use and informed decision-making. We use a highly structured work process developed with our colleagues at Stanford University School of Medicine. The RxBalance work process allows us to turn around drug and disease information quickly and at a reasonable cost. Your evidence stories can be incorporated into any form of print or digital medical communications.RxBalance desires to work with medical experts who agree with our core princlples.