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Randall S. Stafford, M.D., Ph.D

Randall Stafford is Professor of Medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and a fellow at the Stanford Center on Health Policy/Center on Primary Care and Outcomes Research. He is an epidemiologist, health services researcher and primary care internist. Many of his published studies have documented and raised concerns about the so-called “quality gap”—the healthcare system’s failure to consistently implement clinically proven therapies — and have helped shape policy initiatives aimed at improving medical care. His research has also focused on drug costs and patterns of medication prescribing.

Veronica Yank, M.D.

Veronica Yank is a primary care physician and researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Center of Innovation to Implementation at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Her research focuses on how to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors among patients, healthcare systems, and communities as well as how to optimize clinical care and patient self-management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and obesity.

Jennifer Harris, M.D.

Jennifer Harris is a child and adolescent psychiatrist in private practice in Arlington, MA. She is also a clinical instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and clinical supervisor and faculty at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program at Cambridge Health Alliance. Dr. Harris has written about the importance of relationships in child psychiatry, the reasons behind increased diagnosis of juvenile bipolar disorder, use of restraints in inpatient settings and the challenges and rewards of long-term psychotherapy. She has written review articles for the Carlat Child Psychiatry Report on disruptive behavior disorders, non-verbal learning disabilities and the links between callous-unemotional traits and disruptive behavior disorders. Her clinical interests are in long-term psychotherapy and medication use with adults, children and families, with a particular interest in working with parents.

Evgenii Mironichev, B.S., M.S.

Evgenii (Eugene) Mironichev is a software expert who serves as our technical advisor, guiding RxBalance and our academic partners on business strategy, technical workflow, and functional specifications for new digital platforms. Eugene’s current priority at RxBalance is acting as a product management adviser on TalkRx, a new channel of digital medication information. He has a B.S. in Financial Management and an M.S. in Computer Software Engineering from Penza State University in Russia. Evgenii is a serial entrepreneur with successful businesses whose different B2C and B2B software apps and services are used by Fortune 500 companies.