Market Analysis

Healthcare decisions – from what drug to prescribe to what tests to order – are governed by beliefs, attitudes, and personal biases as much as by knowledge. Before you address utilization issues in your organization, it is imperative to uncover obstacles to evidence-based decision making. Drug companies pay market research and data analytic firms millions of dollars to do this. We will show you how to do it on a budget and help you turn your findings into a communication work plan.

How Market Analysis Helps
  • Gap Analysis—
    Identifying learning gaps between best practices and community standards of care
  • Strategic Planning—
    Planning interventions within your budget that can overcome behavioral barriers
  • Setting Objectives—
    How will you change attitudes and mindsets responsible for the learning gap
  • Message Testing—
    Gathering feedback to ensure that all communications are relevant, meaningful and memorable
  • Outcomes Measurement—
    Evaluating program effectiveness with a commitment to switch strategies and tactics if goals are not achieved
Major types of research
  • Disease research—
    How a disease is managed and what influences these decisions
  • Therapeutic research—
    What are perceived and actual benefits and limitations of each treatment option
  • Brand research—
    How a company is positioning a particular drug in the marketplace
  • Utilization research—
    What are the prescribing trends for this drug and disease
  • Company research—
    What is the drug’s role in the pharmaceutical company’s portfolio