Work Flow

Translating evidence into action

RxBalance Content Creation

Drug companies have mind boggling amounts of money and resources to market drugs and diseases. Creating high-quality medical content is expensive so we use streamlined, well defined steps to create affordable ad campaigns

STEP ONE: Identify Area of Misinformation- Medical Experts

Medical experts review utilization patterns to o identify areas of medical practice characterized by gaps between evidence and practice.

STEP TWO: Brainstorm  Team Collaboration

Medical experts & advertising pros specializing in medical communications  “brainstorm” on how to close knowledge gaps.

STEP THREE: Summarize – Advertising Pros /h5]

Medical advertising professionals distill conversations into a working document that will guide future creative development

STEP FOUR: Review- RxBalance

Medical school professors review recommendations which are incorporated into briefing document STEP SIX: Creative Development – Advertising Pros [/h5]

Once your campaign is developed, you will want to conduct qualitative and quantitative research with providers and consumers. Testing is critical to make sure that the voice of community practitioners and patients is part of your content development process. Methods of testing include focus groups, online surveys, observations or one-on-one interviews.